Crown of Wu Opens Wishlists on PlayStation and on Steam

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain), Gammera Nest, and Red Mountain, with the collaboration of Trazos School, announce that the wishlists for its 3D action adventure The Crown of Wu are now open on PlayStation and on Steam. The Crown of Wu is a third person action adventure filled with puzzles, martial arts and parkour sections and will be released early next year. You can check its latest trailer below.

Something flipped in Wu’s mind when he got in control of the ore network. The Emperor’s ancient herald went rogue and let his thirst for power control him. Mixing the power of his crown with the ore network, Wu spread pain and chaos… until his mad days were over. Sentenced to a life in a frozen prison, one day Wu woke up from a long dream only to find out that somebody had taken control over his crown… and was creating chaos all over again.

Now, Wu has a chance to redeem himself and save everything he once loved so passionately. And he will do it in this third person adventure filled with action, combat, parkour and puzzles. Set in a world where powerful robots are attacking the local population, Wu will have to recover his old powers in order to face the ultimate villains that threaten his world’s existence.

Key Features Crown Of Wu

  • Fight evil robots and mythological creatures in epic combats to restore the balance in your world
  • Gather unique powers by finding and gathering magical gems
  • Explore and interact with the world in order to find out the pain you caused in the past… and how to redeem yourself
  • Solve riddles to increase your power and defeat your enemies

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