VR Shooter ‘Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded’ has officially launched on the Meta Quest Store

Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded Logo
Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded Logo

Developer SumaLab is excited to announce that their adrenaline-pumping VR Shooter Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded has officially launched on the Meta Quest Store today September 29th.

Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded (formerly known as Crisis VRigade 2) has players join the Crisis Brigade, a specialized task force responsible for responding to massive outbreaks of armed criminal activity. Through VR, players must use their cover effectively, aim their shots, and push through streets overrun with criminals to take out the ring-leader and save the day. It’s not enough to hide in cover all the time, players will be racing against the clock to complete each mission.

Inspired by lightgun arcade cabinets as well as 80s and 90s action movies, Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded blends frantic over-the-top gun battles with cheesy self-aware humor. As players move from point to point and engage the enemy, they’ll regularly hear from their radio operator, providing tactical advice, mission-critical info, or just poking fun at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

After an intuitive tutorial and settings that allow players to optimize the experience for their accessibility, comfort, and playstyle, players will be taken to the game’s hub area, the Crisis Brigade offices where they can view available missions, check their standing on the online leaderboards, and get some target practice in with a minigame that hides moving targets around the office. Once they’re feeling up to the challenge, players can jump into missions with AI companions or an online co-op partner and dive (dramatically while firing a pistol) into the action. Players will work together with bots or a partner to push through the criminally overrun streets and take down the (admittedly sharply dressed) criminal leader. 

Players looking for that truly immersive experience can enable manual reloading for their pistol, meaning that they’ll have to expel empty clips, insert fresh clips from their tactical vest, and even cock the pistol to chamber the first round. As players progress, they’ll be able to expand their arsenal by finding power ups dropped by enemies that allow them to use new weapons like Assault Rifles, SMGs, or even a second pistol for akimbo-style dual wielding. Over their runs, players will earn in-game currency that can be used to unlock new weapons, gear and bonuses, or even to buy retries and continue the mission. [Continues below]

Players that remember the neon-tinted days in the arcade buying credits for Time Crisis and Virtua Cop will be able to relive that golden experience through VR on the Quest Store. With a game optimized for player accessibility and comfort that promises players a challenge, but one they can deal with in a way that works for them.

Diego Martín, Creative Director of SumaLab said: It fills us with joy to finally get Crisis Brigade 2 to the official Meta Quest Store. We have put a lot of effort and love in our game – it’s been quite a ride, and we’ve really grown as developers and as a team. Thanks to everyone that has made this possible.”

Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded is available now on the Meta Quest Store priced $14.99 USD.


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