CityDriver: Aerosoft Announces a New Realistic Driving Simulator

The Vienna-based studio ViewApp, known for authentic tram simulations, and Aerosoft, one of the leading publishers of simulators, officially introduce a new driving simulator at gamescom: CityDriver. In this extensive street traffic simulation, players drive realistic cars through the faithfully recreated city center of Munich. Traffic flows according to real traffic rules, while streets and sidewalks are filled with vehicles and pedestrians. In addition to a freeplay mode with missions, there is a driving school mode that can also be used to train new drivers and those who want to get back again behind the wheel. In the driving practice training, players demonstrate their skills in swerving and slalom driving. The title supports game controllers, force feedback, steering wheel, pedals and gear stick for a more immersive driving experience.

CityDriver will be released in Early Access on Steam at the end of 2022. Console versions for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 are planned for 2023. In Early Access, the game will be developed and optimized with the help of the community; modding of vehicles and missions will also be supported, so the variation of cars and missions available in the game are bound to increase fast.

Daniel Buda, CEO of ViewApp says: “CityDriver is of course first and foremost a game that is meant to be fun – you can drive around Munich or play a series of missions. But it’s also an ultra-realistic simulation that can be used to get an idea of the driving experience of cars that are beyond your price range. Or to simply practice driving in a safe environment as a beginner or infrequent driver.”

Fabian Boulegue, Head of Producing at Aerosoft, adds: “With CityDriver, ViewApp takes the next logical step after the success of their TramSim games: the same level of realism and presentation, plus a gameplay area at 1:1 scale. It just feels like real driving!”

Features City Driver

  • Realistic vehicle physics, graphics and sound
  • Choose from various vehicle classes with electric or combustion engine, automatic or manual transmission
  • An area of Munich city center on a scale of 1:1 with inner-city highway / freeway / state road
  • Authentic driving in a real city with real traffic rules
  • Realistic AI behavior with different vehicles and pedestrians

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