‘Chosun Zombie Defense VR’ to Oculus App Lab

'Chosun Zombie Defense VR' to Oculus App Lab
'Chosun Zombie Defense VR' to Oculus App Lab

Geniesoft, a VR content development company, has released ‘Chosun Zombie Defense VR’ to Oculus App Lab.

“Chosun Zombie Defense VR” is a stage-type zombie defense game in which players become exorcists and travel around Eight provinces of Chosun set in Korea in history to determine the cause of the zombie outbreak.

Through play, you can directly experience maps that reproduce old Korea and weapons used at the time, and you can enjoy killing zombies by using unique special abilities and ultimate weapons for each weapon.

Chosun Zombie Defense | Official Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkXxlpPSfmM

Korean Zombie on VR

In particular, it is notable that the zombie characters in the game take advantage of the characteristics of the time. Players can meet zombies with various concepts in the game, starting with zombies that proved slaves and aristocrats in the Chosun Dynasty.

Gwang-seok Jang, PM of Geniesoft, said, “We want to provide a different experience for foreign users through maps that embody Korean traditional terrain and zombies wearing clothing in history, and we will try to provide good content through continuous updates.”

“Chosun Zombie Defense VR” is currently available at the Oculus App Lab Store.