Neowiz ‘Cats & Soup’ adds a new cat in this update

Cats & Soup
Cats & Soup

NEOWIZ is moo-tivated to inform players of its hit game Cats & Soup that there may be a spy lurking about. Or perhaps it’s the newly added Korean Shorthair cat that does calf-tastic job of impersonating a cow. Players will want to hoof it into the game to check out this latest adorable feline that is quite common in Korea and comes with moo-tiful large spots on its body.

Other udderly-delightful additions to Cats & Soup in this latest update include:

  • a new cooking facility for sugarcane that allows cats to peel it and prepare it for cooking
  • new bathroom-themed furniture pieces to collect that will give a fun new look to cats’ mini-rooms
  • various event icons have been integrated into the main screen and will display as a single icon for convenience

The Summer Vacation Event continues. Players set out to find and collect seashells that can be traded for up to 45 different types of limited-time items including the coral beach theme, a seashell lamp, a “friend” item, and summer special costume items. The event is running from now through July 28th.

Cats & Soup is now available for iOS devices via the App Store and for Android devices via Google Play.

Be sure to check out the Cats&Soup YouTube channel for more adorable videos of our favorite cuddle friends or head to the Cats&Soup Instagram for some of the cutest pictures ever.

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