‘Cats&Soup’ New Added Feature Is ‘Cat Tower’

Cats & Soup
Cats & Soup

NEOWIZ announced that the new feature ‘Cat Tower’ has been added to the insanely popular and relaxing Cats&Soup. The newly added ‘Cat Tower’ feature is a place where users can interact with cats. The interior can be decorated with a wide variety of decor that can be bought with furniture coins. Adorable cat animations can also be seen here.

A celebratory event will be held until October 19. In addition to the Fairy Tales skin for the Hot Air Balloon and the ‘Ultimutt Pup’ friend, a total of 15 different kinds of limited items including the Cat Tower decors, costume pieces, furniture coins, and puddings will pop out randomly in the cats’ gifts.

Four new limited packages are also ready to be introduced. If one buys the ‘Shade Tree Facility Skin package’, an oak tree-themed skin can be acquired, as a sequel to the cooking facility skins. Fabulous decor items can be obtained faster by purchasing the ‘Cat Tower Decor Package’ and the ‘Decor Package for Grand Opening.’

More information on Cats & Soup’s updated features and event details can be found on the official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/catsnsoup.official

Be sure to check out the Cats & SoupYouTube channel for more adorable videos of our favorite cuddle friends or head to the Cats&Soup Instagram for some of the cutest pictures ever. More information on Cats & Soup can be found at NeowizGlobal.com. Don’t forget to download the game at: https://catsandsoup.onelink.me/j65I/b5f8e69


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