‘Cats & Soup’ Mobile Game celebrating its 1st anniversary

Cats & Soup
Cats & Soup

NEOWIZ, and the Cats & Soup team announced that they will hold a birthday-themed event celebrating its 1st anniversary.

The ‘1st Birthday Party Event’ will be held through September 28. Event-limited items can be obtained in exchange for event tokens. These tokens can be earned by completing in-game missions. There are 30 different event-limited items, including a lamp, 3 new facility skins, a 1st-anniversary furniture set, and gems.

There will also be a 1st Anniversary Log-In Event that gives out event facilities, observatory tickets, and gems. These event rewards can be earned by entering the game on 7 days within the event period.

Additionally, there will be new limited packages unveiled with this update. One of the two is the ‘Birthday Gift Unicorn Package’, which contains a friend Unicorn and some of the event products. The other package is called the ‘1st Anniversary Accessories Package’, and purchasing it allows users to take a good look at a cat flying on the Cotton Candy Cloud.

Since being released on September 2021, Cats & Soup has been loved worldwide thanks to its cute artwork and easy-to-play game style. Being widely recognized for its quality that attracts all generations, Cats & Soup has reached over 26 million players globally.

Detailed information on the 1st Anniversary update and the event can be found on the official Instagram channel. https://www.instagram.com/catsnsoup.official

Be sure to check out the Cats & Soup YouTube channel for more adorable videos of our favorite cuddle friends or head to the Cats&Soup Instagram for some of the cutest pictures ever. More information on Cats & Soup can be found at NeowizGlobal.com. Don’t forget to download the game at: https://catsandsoup.onelink.me/j65I/b5f8e69