City Management Game ‘Builders of Greece’ content map is being revealed

City Management Game 'Builders of Greece' content map is being revealed
City Management Game 'Builders of Greece' content map is being revealed

Warsaw, Poland. Blum Entertainment is happy to announce that today the long awaited Builders of Greece content map is being revealed. The RoadMap contains information about the next stages of the project’s development, as well as plans for the future community events, trailers, pre-release versions of the game, and – of course – its approximate release date.

About Builders of Greece

Builders of Greece is a city management game which lets you display your strategic and economic mastery. Have your builders and craftsmen raise magnificent structures and monuments in your name. Take good care of your loyal subjects needs and expand your influence by their hard work, politics, profitable trade connections, or even war. As for yourself, look closely into all the nuances of planning, diplomacy, and economics. Face numerous varied challenges, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. Make your city expand beyond the horizons and let the word of its splendour reach the furthest corners of this land. Builders of Greece grants you the opportunity to witness the greatness of Hellenic metropolises before the time of Roman conquests.


Features Builders of Greece

  • Dozens of varied buildings
  • Extensive management and decision-making system
  • Random events and weather conditions
  • Trading, politics, and war systems
  • Old-school City Builder gameplay with a modern twist

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