Buccaneer class is live now in Black Desert Mobile

Buccaneer class is live now in Black Desert Mobile
Buccaneer class is live now in Black Desert Mobile

It’s time to set sail in Black Desert Mobile! The Buccaneer class is live today, adding swashbuckling skills and treasure-rich events to the game.

With the Buccaneer class, players can look forward to the following features worthy of a sea shanty:

  • Dominate the battlefield with your crew of loyal Otters as the captain of the Slippery Scallywags.
  • Wield the uniquely deadly “Patraca” weapon, which can slash down enemies at close range and shoot down foes from afar with harpoons.
  • Call on your trusty Slippery Scallywags during combat for a giant anchor attack that neutralizes enemies and cannons that pack a true pirate’s punch.
  • Equip four active skills from the start and acquire more by leveling up.
  • Unleash the Buccaneer’s true power immediately, as the class is Awakened upon creation.

Check the following two videos to get a glimpse on what the Buccaneer is capable of:

To celebrate the Buccaneer’s arrival, players can take part in two events starting today through September 19:

Scallywags Daily Missions: Complete daily missions to receive rewards like combat buffs, CP boosts, and more.
Scallywags Daily Support: Earn rewards like support chests and crafting materials for the amount of time spent logged in each day.

To learn more about the Buccaneer class, visit the official Black Desert Mobile website here. Assets for the Buccaneer class are available here.