Broken Ranks – the convention is over, the holiday event is underway

Whitemoon Games started the month with a meeting with its community during the first convention since the release of Broken Ranks. There were many pieces of news, competitions with prizes, and revelations of future plans. The studio also published its events schedule for July.

“We always emphasize that bonds are the basis for building a community. Over many years, we’ve witnessed a lot of situations where in-game friendships became real-world ones. What’s more, such relations become stronger and in some cases even led to marriage. It’s wonderful when our game connects people together. TaernCon let our players get to know each other better and meet Taernians they’ve only seen on the game map. In this way, the fictional world of Broken Ranks merges with reality”, says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

Many people interested in the game came to this year’s TaernCon – the hall was filled to the brim. The studio shared its future plans and the game’s direction. It also revealed some information about the continuation of the main storyline and ideas for new content that will be added starting in the first quarter of the next year. During the event, players could participate in cosplay and trivia competitions. A lot of excitement was created by the Ask Me Anything part of the event. After the official part, the atmosphere became more casual and the participants focused on tightening the bonds between one another and the development team.

“We always try to be close to our players, although the way we do it has changed over time. The world is moving forward and currently we have more means of reaching out to our community and building relationships than 10 years ago. We’re very active on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, but we also don’t want to resign from direct contact that deepens our relationships. The yearly TaernCon is an excellent example – we’re closer to our community and it’s closer to us, developers. We’d like to thank everyone who attended in person as well as those who supported as remotely”, adds Danilewicz.

Whitemoon Games shared a short video (with English subtitles) from this year’s celebrations: LINK

and also some pictures which can be found on the Facebook profile of the studio: LINK

In addition to that, the developers of Broken Ranks published a schedule of July events meant to make the game more attractive during the holidays. On every weekend of the month, one boss instance will award players with more experience and psycho-experience for items. The schedule can be found, among others, on the Facebook profile of the studio.
Broken Ranks is a successor to the MMORPG The Pride of Taern. It boasts a unique, turn-based combat system and a grim, low-fantasy world seen from an isometric view. The title is reminiscent of such classics as the HoM&M series or Baldur’s Gate. Adventurers will be able to find a lot of story-driven quests and a vast, interesting world ready to be explored alone, in a group, or with guildmates.

Broken Ranks is available on PCs through a client.
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