BraveNine Story Gets Into the Holiday Spirit in Its Latest Update

Brave Nine Story
Brave Nine Story

 Neowiz has caught the holiday spirit and is bringing all-new themed content into its Visual Novel RPG BraveNine Story. From now through January 5th, players can experience a brand new Christmas Substory, unlock a specially-themed costume for completing it, and receive free in-game goodies for logging in during a trio of attendance events. Accompanying the awesome new content, players will find holiday cheer spread throughout the game lobby with a specially-themed background, exclusive Christmas music, and a line dedicated to the holidays from Elin.
The Christmas Substory, “Christmas Hiring, offers players the tale of a mercenary who receives a mysterious request from Santa, the big man himself. The mercenary sets off on an epic adventure that provides players with numerous substories to complete. If all are finished ahead of January 3rd, players will unlock the epic Santa Costume as a reward.
The community will also enjoy the three special New Year attendance events. Those opting to log in for these special events will receive in-game gifts, including Roxanna’s Box, Red Slime, Diamond, Arena Sword, and Ink.
The in-game shop has also been updated to bring even more holiday cheer to the community. Players can check out the two new seasonal costumes, Rudolph Beatricé and Christmas Lucrezia.
Lastly, BraveNine Story developers have provided players with numerous quality-of-life improvements in the update. These include spots where monster difficulty has been eased to facilitate smoother gameplay. The UI has been updated, and a “Bookmark” function has been added so players can move easily through stages based on difficulty while in story mode. Lastly, combat speed has been adjusted to allow a faster, smoother experience.
Those looking for more information about this amazing holiday update can head to the BraveNine Story official website or visit its social media portals.


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