2D adventure Brave Eduardo announced by Gamera Games

Gamera Games announced they will publish Brave Eduardo, a 2D adventure game where players take on the role of a cuddly teddy bear who’s finding his life purpose as he explores a vast Victorian open-world. Walk through bustling towns and magical biomes while you befriend a diverse group of bears on your journey — just BEAR in mind… not everyone is as friendly as they may seem. As a part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest, a public game demo is coming to Steam next month. Their release date and price are yet to be announced.

The story of Brave Eduardo takes place in a difficult time in which almost everything known is in the hands of an ambitious businessman, an iron monarchy, and other powers beyond the understanding of our protagonist. There is an anxious class struggle between Spidz and Bears, manipulated by well-connected individuals from both sides. How Eduardo relates to this complex background is something you will have to find out during his journey…


Put yourself at the center of a highly-immersive 50-80 hour RPG experience that features more than cute and cuddly teddy bears. You will find ambitious businessmen, dutiful knights, a contentious monarchy system and even beings beyond the bear’s comprehension that will make use of body horror within the game.
Enjoy a robust combat system that reminds of Hollow Knight and roam freely wherever you choose and explore Brave Eduardo’s world at your own pace as you help this cute bear find his place.
Sometimes it is good to forget the bad — take a short break from the main story through trading card, cooking and dungeon crawling mini games that contribute to making you feel this world truly alive.
Delight yourself with its gorgeous orchestral soundtrack.

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