BORANETWORK starts “BORA Alliance” a globalgamer community

BORANETWORK (representative Gyehan Song) launched global gamer community cooperative BORA Alliance on the 19th.

BORA Alliance is a cooperative aiming to expand the BORA ecosystem across the world through cooperation with promising overseas gaming guilds and communities. Ancient8 and GuildFi will be the first partners to join the cooperative.

Ancient8 is developing the infrastructure for GameFi, with a focus on software and community. Ancient8 manages Vietnam’s largest blockchain gaming guild and provides blockchain software products, guild scholarship, blockchain education, institutional-grade research, and community with their vision to democratize social and financial access in the Metaverse.

GuildFi is the largest blockchain gaming guild in APAC with over 280,000 members. They use web 3.0 platforms to manage communities and are briskly cooperating with leading investors such as Defiance Capital, Coinbase and Binance.

Through the launch of the cooperative, the BORANETWORK intends to expose the on-board games on BORA directly to users and carry out a range of collaborative campaigns and marketing activities to increase the contact point. Furthermore, the cooperative plans to contribute to expanding the territory in the blockchain game market by engaging various promising partners continuously, thereby increasing contact points with major communities.

CBO Vincent Lim (Youngjun Lim) of the BORANETWORK said, “We are very pleased to have promising partners, Ancient8 and GuildFi, in the launch of the BORA Alliance,” adding “We will spur the expansion of the BORA ecosystem in the global market through the launch of the BORA Alliance.”

For information on the services provided by Bora Portal, visit the Bora Portal website.


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