‘Blockchain Cuties Universe’, ‘CryptoProphecies’ and ‘Warsake and Waxel World’ added to the Flame Store

Flame to Launch Several New Games to its Growing Web3 Store and Marketplace
Flame to Launch Several New Games to its Growing Web3 Store and Marketplace

Ryu Games today announced that several new games are launching on Flame, its growing Web3 games store and marketplace currently in beta. Starting today, Blockchain Cuties Universe, CryptoProphecies, Warsake and Waxel World are all now available to early access players to download from the Flame store. Since its initial beta release in June, the Flame store has accumulated over 50 game developer partners to bring their Web3 PC games on its growing platform.
Ross Krasner, CEO of Ryu Games, said: “Flame is growing quickly because  there are hundreds of Web3 games currently in and entering the market to reach a growing player base, and Web3 developers have quickly realized the pain of discoverability and onboarding to this audience. We’re solving this problem with streamlined workflows for players and the upside for Web3 developers is undeniable.”
Vladimir Tomko, CEO of WeCanGames said: “We’re thrilled to be launching our game Blockchain Cuties Universe on Flame because the platform makes it so much easier to reach the potential Web3 PC gaming market and enable swift onboarding to our game.”
Paul Lindsell, Founder and CEO of Crypto Prophecies said: “There’s a tremendous amount of untapped potential for Web3 games in the market today, and in part due to player access, friction with wallets and more. Flame is helping us reach audiences with a better onboarding experience, and we’re thrilled to be bringing CryptoProphecies to the platform today.”
Today’s news falls on the heels of recent announcements from Ryu Games on new widely popular Web3 games joining its Flame platform, including MagicCraft, Swords of Blood, TokenLands, Ultimate Battle Arena, Minionverse, Splinterlands and Pegaxy.
For more information about Ryu Games and Flame, please join the beta waitlist and join the Flame channels on Telegram and Discord.


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