Blackout Rugby available on Mobile and PC

Blackout Games, creator of the ultimate sports management simulation platform, announced that Blackout Rugby is available now on Steam and mobile. The most in-depth rugby team management sim ever made, Blackout Rugby is a comprehensive multiplayer game with a strong social component that lets you compete with players worldwide.

“The player experience is at the centre of what we do, so we will continue to improve Blackout Rugby and add exciting features and game modes,” says Jeremy Bell, founder and CEO of Blackout Games. “After developing sports sims for several years, this launch is a huge achievement. We are looking forward to rolling out the football management sim later in 2022 and the cricket title soon after.”

Blackout Rugby is an MMO rugby manager, allowing players to build a club, train a team, and compete on the world stage. Using our revolutionary match engine, players can watch their team play it out in 3D on the field against rival clubs, and determine the outcome of the match through highly customisable tactics and training regimes.

Players will be tested on their management skills and their understanding of rugby, as they are presented with vital choices and challenges in their daily routine, including player injuries, negotiation contracts from sponsors and players, prioritising certain skills in their training regime, acquiring and investing in new players, upgrading club facilities like their stadium or office building, scouting out the competition, and much, much more!

Features of Blackout Rugby include

Design and create your own player training regimes with 20+ different session types to fill them, along with proactive physical training where monitoring the progress of your players can pay big dividends.
An innovative card system that shapes what you can accomplish during a day, giving bonuses to those areas you want to prioritize, be it boosting a training session, improving a youth prospect, or strengthening a tactical aspect for an upcoming match.
Develop your club’s infrastructure, from training centers and medical facilities to building statues of past club heroes and broadcasting studios.
Individual player avatars multiple technical rugby skills and physical and mental attributes that make every player unique.
A straightforward interactive contract system that allows you to negotiate the contract you sign with your players.
Create and design your own match-day game-plans, taking advantage of your team’s strengths and targeting the weaknesses of the opposition, with a vast array of tactical options available, from attack patterns and ruck commitment to kicking strategies and defensive systems and lineout targets.
Set and save your line-ups, bring on substitutes from your bench and create positional depth charts to help organise your squad.
A transfer market that encourages active auctions, but also allows you to make quick sales if you need cash quickly, or to pay well above the market value to ensure you capture the player you want.
A youth academy system that allows you to take raw talent and turn them into a promising young superstar.
Unions, where players can create clans with friends and earn rewards together.

Blackout Rugby is playable on Steam, IOS, and Android, allowing players to check in on their club anytime, anywhere.

About Blackout Sports

We make innovative MMO sports manager video games. Beginning with Rugby, we will bring the world’s most popular sports into our Blackout world on PC and mobile. The company got its start in 2006 as a text-based browser game called created by our founder Jeremy Bell in 2006, which is still live and active to this day. The company takes care to mitigate play-to-win by emphasising players’ knowledge of the game first and foremost, and keeping the playing field as even as possible. We prioriste quick and swift bug fixes and community support!

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