Blacken Slash Release Date Announcement

Blacken Slash
Blacken Slash

After creating the well-received rogue-like tower defense mashup, Core Defense, solo indie developer Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser is setting out to create yet another minimalist, unexpected fusion of game genres.

By fusing tactical turn-based combat and fast-paced ARPG gameplay, Blacken Slash provides a simple, but endlessly rewarding gameplay experience. Blacken Slash will be available on Steam, the Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store, on July 22nd.

“Blacken Slash is the spiritual successor to Core Defense and doubles down on the successful recipe of an unexpected combination of genres and a focus on the few key elements which make them fun.” – Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser

Practice on your own and perfect your gear across dozens of sessions to see how many levels you can conquer, or compete with other players on an online leaderboard where every week you have the opportunity to claim the top spot.

Blacken Slash is a tactical RPG that fuses the best parts of roguelikes, turn-based tactics and hack and slash games:

  • Enjoy a lovingly crafted story about a bygone retro era of computation and rock out to classic nostalgic tunes
  • Fight through byte-sized tactical puzzles
  • Create powerful builds from a plethora of items that grant you new skills and can even change gameplay mechanics
  • Carry over your favorite items between playthroughs
  • Start from scratch each week and compete with other players in online PVP competitions

Try various playstyles and hunt for challenging achievements