Avorion DLC is called “Into the Rift!”

avorion dlc
avorion dlc

The popular space sandbox game Avorion will soon get a new major DLC called “Into the Rift!”.

In addition to numerous new features and improvements, the indie studio Boxelware continues to expand the Avorion universe, both in terms of lore/story as in actual size. Since a major attack by the hostile Xsotan some 200 years ago, mysterious rifts have been scattered throughout the galaxy. The result of the attack is a permanent battle between the Xsotan and the rest of the inhabitants of the galaxy. Not even the most powerful ships were able to enter these rifts. They could only be crossed … until now!

Boxelware remains true to its DLC policy and will not exclude any players from the servers with the release of “Into the Rift!” just because they do not buy the DLC. The many improvements and customizations will be made available to all players.