Avolteha View (iOS) Brand new in the Appstore Playable for free


Avolteha View contains the first chapter of Avolteha. Now available for free in the AppStore. The game controls, The iCloud connection, The hand drawn help – all available without limitation in this version.

AppStore – Avolteha View

Big update
What ´s new in version 1.04?
Hand drawn help for the entire game now available. Tap the new button if you get stuck. The first page always shows you the way. Then follows the solution.
The update is available now

Avolteha is a fantastic point & click adventure game for the whole family.

Paul can easily pick up items along the way and take them with him on his journey. Find out where these items can be used. Therefore many tricky puzzles are waiting to be solved. If Paul gets stuck, he still has his friends. Maybe they will give him a decisive clue. The game offers an interactive game experience by touch.

No endless dialogues! Conversations can be followed through hand-drawn speech bubbles without any text. Avolteha overcomes language barriers and can be played by anyone.

Avolteha is playable with 4 players simultaneously. The game states can be easily changed with the slots. In addition, all 4 slots are synchronised via iCloud.

The game is playable on iPad as well as iPhone. Lowest requirement: iPad Air or iPhone 6s or higher. All newer devices are supported.

Constantly zoom in with two fingers, move a section and then zoom out again with two fingers? Not with Avolteha! With only one finger, you can intuitively zoom in, move and zoom out again. Discover all the details in the magnificently designed graphics!

The Story

The extraordinary planet where Paul embarks on his greatest adventure. Avolteha is covered by landscapes full of sand, rocks and volcanoes. One element is looked for in vain here. Water – the source of all life. The only water is found in the clouds that pass over Avolteha. The only way to get this precious commodity is a type of mushroom that can extract the water.

Therefore, many years ago, the inhabitants of Avolteha began to build their settlement around those mushrooms. Over time, however, the mushrooms began to sprout their roots higher and higher.
To restore the water supply, Paul and his friends built a connection from the new cloud city downward.
In the meantime, Paul no longer lives in the city. Now, however, he received a letter. His friends needed his help. The water source had gone out once again.

What happened?
Paul’s greatest adventure is ahead of him. The great riddle of Avolteha is waiting for him and wants to be solved. It must be solved – for the good of all the inhabitants of this wonderful planet.

The game will be available in the, Apple App Store for 6.99 USD. Pre-ordering is available now.

AppStore – Avolteha

History of the development of Avolteha
In 2012 the idea came up to develop a point and click adventure game. At that time, nobody would have guessed that this would take more than 10 years. The first concept of Avolteha was a game completely without writing. Based on this, the story, puzzles and first design ideas were created.

Over the next few years, the first rooms, graphics, backgrounds and game characters were developed. This was an extremely lengthy process, because all graphics and animations were created with the help of a 3D program. Complex landscape scenes sometimes took several months to create. This resulted in over 20000 individual images for the character animations, objects, backgrounds and speech bubbles. All speech bubbles were drawn by hand.

Though, the high demands on the graphics came at a price. With the vast amounts of data, images and animations, a smooth gameplay experience had to be ensured. This was no easy task. Many solutions were tried out before the actual programming began.

Parallel to the programming, the sound and music design was done. More than 500 different sounds were recorded and mixed to provide a unique sound experience. Moreover, all the background music was produced especially for Avolteha.

However, the most difficult thing was something completely different. The implementation of the iCloud connection blew up the schedule several times. It took almost 2 years to get the iCloud connection working reliably.

Now after almost 10 years of development, Avolteha is ready for what it was designed for – gaming!


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