Beware ‘Aura Kingdom’ player when entering the Swamp of Candeo

Beware - Aura Kingdom - Player when entering the Swamp of Candeo
Beware - Aura Kingdom - Player when entering the Swamp of Candeo

Gamigo is asking the players of anime MMO Aura Kingdom to form a team as they enter the Swamp of Candeo in “Dangers from Otherworld”.

The latest patch 88 for Aura Kingdom offers the following content, among others:

  • New Dungeon “Bond – Otherworld Link (Duo)”: The villagers have always warned that the swamp of Candeo is dangerous and is filled with numerous criminals lurking in the dark. Unaware that the danger now comes from another unknown dimension, enemies of humanity have managed to penetrate and conquer the core of Candeo. Trust and careful teamwork with a partner are the key to establishing a bond with the other on this broken plane and emerging victorious.
  • Lancer class: Adjustments for the Lancer like damage coefficients for various skills, left and right mastery, and the Envoy Path have been improved.

The Prism Collection and Anti-Epidemic Attack events will be removed with the next patch, so players are encouraged to ​ check them out before they are retired!

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