Atuel releases very soon

Argentine indie game co-op and dev studio Matajuegos announced today that Atuel, their surrealist documentary game about climate change in western Argentina, will release on on September 14th. Atuel was a finalist for A MAZE’s Most Amazing Game Award this year, which “goes to the most relevant, forward-thinking interactive and playful content,” and was developed in collaboration with The 12.01 Project, a team of international documentary filmmakers. The game features real-life testimonies and beautiful, dreamlike landscapes inspired by the topography of the Atuel River Valley in Argentina. The game will be free with the option to “pay what you want”.

“We wanted Atuel to feel like a dream. It’s a documentary that puts photorealism aside in order to engage with history and emotion in a more playful way,” says Santiago Franzani, Atuel’s lead artist and developer. “The game brings together testimonies and historical perspectives to form a kaleidoscope narrative that highlights the interconnectedness of life and the intimacy of our relationship with the land we live on.”
In Atuel you explore stunning, surrealist vistas and shapeshift into different animals and elements of the region’s ecosystem, at times even becoming the Atuel River itself. While exploring, you can listen to real-life testimonies by specialists and locals who talk about the region’s past, present, and future. These interconnected perspectives weave together to tell a historic narrative about people’s intimate relationship to the land they live on and the effects of the global climate crisis.

Features Atuel

  • A beautiful audiovisual experience focused on contemplative exploration.
  • Shapeshift into different animals and elements of Atuel’s ecosystem.
  • Stunning surrealist landscapes based on the real-world topography of the Atuel River Valley.
  • Real-life testimonies by historians, biologists, geologists, and more.
  • A historic narrative woven together from many different, interconnected perspectives.
  • An atmospheric, ambient soundtrack produced by musicians Makunouchi Bento.
  • An impactful half-hour game available in both English and Spanish.
  • Submerge yourself in Atuel’s waters and become one with the river on September 14th by downloading the game from

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