Astral Ascent updates with new character Octave, new gameplay and 11 unique spells

Astral Ascent,  the challenging pixel platformer rogue-lite from Hibernian Workshop, launched today a major update that adds a new playable character, a brand new world to explore, new enemy types, gameplay changes, technical improvements, and much more. Astral Ascent is available on Early Access on Steam for £15.99/$19.99with a 20% temporary discount this week.

The Coral Archipielago update includes a whole new character: Octave, with new gameplay mechanics and 11 unique spells. This young fighter summons ethereal guns to attack his foes, adding a new way to fight enemies and explore Astral Ascent’s worlds. 

As well as this new third playable character, players can discover a new world to explore populated by two new Zodiac bosses, two new challenges, and eight new enemies. The update also brings gameplay improvements such as new reworked synergy systems and revamped Zodiac summons with two additional summons. The update also adds several new rooms to discover including Sun & Moon rooms. Each of these rooms offers new gameplay mechanics and challenges. Players can summon friendly NPCs to help them during combats. 

The studio has also announced its plans for upcoming updates, with a roadmap that includes a huge technical improvement led by a dramatically optimized version of the game running in a fully reworked engine. Players can expect lower loading times, as well as an improved and smoother frame rate by the end of this year. 

“Since we launched the Astral Ascent Early Access last April, we have been working very hard on the next update, as well as listening to the community on a daily basis. This new update includes requests from our players, such as gameplay changes, as well as new content to keep the players enjoying the world. We’re very excited about the upcoming release of the new engine, powered by C++, that will allow us to offer a smoother gameplay experience”, says Louis Denizet, Lead Designer and  Programmer at Hibernian Workshop. 

Players can find more information about the update on this website. For more information about the game, please visit the Astral Ascent official website, follow @hibernianws on Twitter, or join the official Discord channel.

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