Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars joins the Save & Sound music festival event

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Acme Gamestudio are proud to be joining the Save & Sound online music festival, a spectacular showcase of the best music in modern videogames, accompanied by discounts on featured games and soundtracks.

The upcoming Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars will be part of the main event stream, showcasing the title track Nostalgia, performed by the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest and Nier: Automata vocalist Emi Evans. See their rousing performance in the video below.

Acme Gamestudio understands that a game’s soundtrack is a core part of the experience. Asterigos Curse Of The Stars is a graphically stunning new ‘souls-like’ action RPG set in a world of high fantasy inspired by Greek and Roman mythology; a world brought to life through audio as much as visuals. Players will find themselves immersed in a powerful orchestral soundscape, including multiple bombastic battle themes befitting its hordes of rampaging monsters and massive boss battles.

Accompanying Asterigos, the Save & Sound festival will feature several other tinyBuild games, including Cartel Tycoon, SpiderHeck, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm and Rhythm Sprout. Whether it’s classy latin rhythms, retro synthwave or high-energy EDM that gets your heart beating and your hips shaking, there’s tunes for all. During the festival, many games will also be discounted, along with their standalone soundtracks.

Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars launches on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the third quarter of 2022, and is available to wishlist on Steam, GOG and Epic now. Control young warrior Hilda as she descends into the cursed City of Aphes, discovering lost truths and exploring winding and interconnected environments rich with danger, adventure and treasure.

Players will master a complex and rewarding combat system, carving through monsters with an assortment of weapons both classical and mystical. Battle over 60 different enemy types, and square up against 22 fierce bosses. Decide the fate of the city through story-altering choices, then see how it could have played out differently in the challenging New Game+ mode.

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