Psyhedelic Action RPG Arto comes to Steam

Gamera Games and OrionGames are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Arto, a fast-paced action RPG that features a unique visual and gameplay design where you restore colour to a desaturated world. As you explore the world of Arto, not only will you breathe colour back into every place you explore, but you will also discover new weapons and upgrades to enhance your kit. It is expected to come to Steam on December 1st, 2022, but players can give it a first try now with its free demo.

Key Features Arto

  • Fight against over 30 epic bosses, each with their own unique abilities, motivations and lore.
  • Prepare your weaponry and hone your combat skills and timing and engage in high tempo combat to defeat your foes!
  • Your actions define what you get: unlock multiple endings depending on your exploration routs, how you interact with NPCs and the fighting style you use in combat.
  • Go on an adventure that allows you to truly immerse and experience a variety of different art styles and gameplay elements within a single game.
  • Enjoy the game both in English and Japanese from day one.

More about Arto

Gamera Game’s website:
Gamera Game on Twitter:

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