Arknights “Stultifera Navis” Continues Its Adventure with New Operator, Outfits, and More

Arknights “Stultifera Navis”
Arknights “Stultifera Navis”

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights launches the new side story event “Stultifera Navis”, a direct sequel to the previously released “Under Tides” side story. It unveils the Iberian coastal town known for its last surviving lighthouse, “The Eyes of Iberia”. Rewards, furniture sets, new outfits, and 4 new operators, including one alternate operator, are also released in this update.

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About Stultifera Navis
This event focuses on the adventure of the Abyssal Hunters and the Inquisition led by Irene. They’re on the hunt for the eponymous Iberian dreadnought that was lost during the Silence while defending the town from the Seaborn’s invasion. The underwater cities of Aegir are also explored for the first time.

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The event starts on November 3rd and ends on November 24th. During the event, Players can log in to claim Daily Free Rolls and a 10-roll Headhunting Permit. Gourd Valley Mining Area is open for players to extract Originium Crude Ore, Originium Ore, and Originium Vein. A new PRTS Proxy Annihilation card can be obtained by completing Daily Missions to activate Total Proxy Auto Deploy. It allows players to skip the battle and acquire rewards with the highest Annihilation.

6-star operator Lumen is redeemable by clearing the Stultifera Navis event. Players can also collect Rusted Compass by exploring the event map, clearing event stages, and opening Treasure Chests to redeem items from “Bitterscale Tavern”, such as Lumen’s TokenStultifera Navis Reception Room Furniture (Pieces)Bloodline of Combat “Shore Rescue Modification” Lancet-2, and other materials. The Login Event “Gift of The Deep Ones” is online as well.

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New Operators
The four operators being introduced with this update are Specter the Unchained (Limited), Irene, Lumen, and Windflit.

6-Star Operator: Specter the Unchained is the alternate version of Specter, who is a Dollkeeper Specialist that can deal tons of damage. She can immediately switch to her substitute when she’s lost all her health. Instead of being knocked out, she can get back into battle again with full health after a period of time.

6-Star Operator: Irene is a Swordmaster Guard who specializes in crowd control and damage output. Her first skill can conduct critical hits and additional damage toward the enemy. Her second skill is unsheathing and dealing with physical damage. The last skill can levitate the enemies around her for a short time and bombard them with several AoE attacks.

6-Star Operator: Lumen is a Therapist Medic who specializes in healing and support. His skills can greatly improve the effectiveness of his healing and also mitigate debuffs in different ways. His talent can grant allies a short-lasting status resistance and heal a friendly unit that has been affected by negative status.
New Store Items
The event launches new outfits “Bloodline of Combat Collection” for Operators including Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Gnosis, and Aurora, as well as new “Ambience Synesthesia ” for Mudrock, Tequila, and Reed. A brand-new set of themed Furniture, Sultifera Navis Reception Room, is available during the event. The Emergency Sanity Potion is also upgraded to Emergency Sanity Booster. A new Rhodes Island headhunting pack and resource pack are also on sale during the event.

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