Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition – How a Studio Took A 20 Metacritic Scored Game And Made It Great

ARK Ultimate Survivor Edition
ARK Ultimate Survivor Edition

ARK: ULTIMATE SURVIVOR EDITION for Nintendo Switch is now launched in North America, delivering not just the definitive ARK experience, but arguably the most complete survival game on the Switch. Bold claims? Sure, but claims backed-up by the massive graphic upgrades, vast gameplay improvements, and new features. Here’s a breakdown of five new features!

  1. The visual improvements aren’t just for owners of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition. Any Switch players who own the ARK: Survival Evolved base game will receive a free update that majorly improves the graphic performance of the game. This includes:
    1. Better resolution in docked (1080p) & handheld modes (720p)
    2. Vastly improved loading times (8x faster on average)
    3. Consistent dynamic framerate (30FPS)
    4. Better texture quality, lighting and shadows effects
  2. ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition launched with the Scorched Earth expansion pack on Tuesday and all other major expansion packs – AberrationExtinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2 – will be available in the near future for free… that’s over a thousand hours of dinosaur taming action!
  3. Hey, how about an exclusive new game adventure for the Switch? All owners of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition are able to download ARK: Dinosaur Discovery, a kid-friendly, fact-filled ARK adventure that allows younger explorers to explore the ARK Island without violence and learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that inspired the game. ARK parents, let’s get your kids started early so they can help make base repairs, right?
  4. Keeping your inventory and various stash boxes organized will be a cinch with the new Virtual Cursor, providing visual guidance when tidying up various resources in your storage, especially when using touch screen controls. Marie Kondo would approve!
  5. Want to experience ARK with friends online without being disturbed by rude trolls? ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition will enable unofficial servers powered by Nitrado. Play the way you like online with custom servers!
  6. Please see all the details from ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition press release HERE.
  7. Watch the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition launch trailer

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