Árida iOS version is coming

At the end of last June, we at Aoca Game Lab launched the mobile version of ÁRIDA, the award-winning adventure game set in the Brazilian backlands!

The repercussion on Google Play has been incredible!

We were featured in Indie Corner, the space dedicated to independent games on the platform.
A fact that helped our trailer to reach the mark of more than 1.3 million views on Youtube!
We reached people in Brazil who still didn’t know the story of Cícera, and we discovered new potential markets, like Thailand and South Korea!

With the aim of increasing the international reach of the series, we will expand the number of languages available and, very soon, we will also launch the iOS version of ÁRIDA Mobile.

Until next year comes, when we will launch ÁRIDA II, we wish you to have a memorable experience with our protagonist Cícera in this first game.

We send you the Android version key here, making us available to chat and tell you all the details of the creation of the ÁRIDA series.

Here is your key with access to the game through the Google Play platform: MWYZJE2PUQ00MSY6XC0ZQ0R

See the link below how to rescue and activate your key:


AOCA GAME LAB: brazilian company created in 2016 to develop intellectual properties that begin on games and focus on fictional universes that relate to history, culture and diversity.

STORE: Steam, Microsoft Store, Humble Store
COMPANY: Aoca Game Lab
PUBLISHER: Aoca Game Lab
GENRE: Adventure / Survival

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