Aquatico Open For Playtesting Registration

Digital Reef Games & Overseer Games Publishing are very excited to finally showcase their upcoming Aquatico underwater survival city builder. Registrations for Steam Playtest weekend are now open, and participants will get a chance to play Aquatico for the first time! Registration can be accessed on the game Steam store page here:

How to participate playtesting Aquatico?

Registrations will be open by the time you’re reading this news. You’ll see the register option on the Steam store page, enter the Playtest there, and people registered that way will get access to alpha game version from September 16th until September 18th.

What can Aquatico players expect?

This occasion will be the first real glimpse into the amazing underwater world of Aquatico. The game is by no means finished, but the current version is advanced enough for players to enjoy and start understanding the overall experience that Aquatico aims to deliver. The entire base mechanics, resources, production chains, terrain options, multi level construction, pipeline infrastructure, environment scenery, music and sound effects – that’s all already in there and you can use it to get the taste of the full experience that is still in the making.
At this point, the goal of this Playtest is to gather feedback from a broader audience. Aquatico is entering the critical stages of development, and the developers will be immensely thankful for every piece of feedback they get back.

More information on Aquatico

Aquatico is a survival city building game set on the ocean floor. In the not-too-distant future, the surface of the Earth became a barren wasteland, but groups of people refused to abandon hope. They embarked on a journey beneath the waves hoping to find a safe place and start anew. They find an amazing, surreal world full of danger and challenges, and strive to find the needed resources to build a thriving underwater city.
Steam store page:
Youtube channel:

Key Features Aquatico

  • A survival city builder in a unique underwater environment
  • Utilize a multi-level building system, both on the ocean floor and elevated enclosed domes
  • Gather and produce resources by setting up underwater production chains
  • Build a submerged base and develop it into a thriving underwater city
  • Unlock new technologies and buildings through a vast research tree
  • Explore the mysteries of post-apocalyptic ocean depths

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