Alien Removal Division Launched on Steam

Alien Removal Division
Alien Removal Division

The invasion has started and the secret military research facility has fallen leaving only chaos. As the only survivor, you must fight your way through the military base against a horde of frantic aliens. A.R.D. is a FREE single-player first-person shooter made by students from Breda University.

Alien Removal Division is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter, set in a military research facility during the 1950s. The base has been overrun by aliens and you find yourself as the only survivor at the center of the invasion. Your mission will be challenging, but you’ll have an array of weapons and movement abilities to help you deal with the infestation.

Use your parkour skillset to wall-run, double jump, and dash while making your way through the infested military research facility. Improve your skills by combining the moveset with precision shooting in a specifically crafted Time Trial section to showcase your true mastery!

Engage in gory combat and discover the different ways to destroy your enemies. Use your movement skills to stay agile against the aliens as you fight back using an arsenal of high-powered weapons with devastating alternative fire modes, arming you to deal with the threats to come.

Alien Removal Division on Steam