Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra DLC Out Now on PC

The Wandering Band is proud to announce that the latest free update for the BAFTA-nominated flying city-builder, Airborne Kingdom, is now available on PC. Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra adds an all-new wintry biome to the simulation, affecting everything from resource scarcity to the mechanics of keeping a thriving airborne community alive and aloft.
The Lost Tundra update gives players who have been craving more challenges from Airborne Kingdom something that will truly test their skills. Players can’t scavenge food or fuel in the tundra biome, so they’ll need to plan ahead before embarking on this unforgiving voyage. The frigid temperatures wreak havoc on mechanical systems that were, until this point, reliable mainstays. Those who master this inhospitable world will find glorious rewards to make their kingdoms truly stand apart.
The Lost Tundra adds another layer of complexity to Airborne Kingdom, while staying true to our calm, rhythmic gameplay,” said game director Ben Wander. “I’m pretty eager to see expert players return, who have maybe mastered the original game, and to watch them lose track of time all over again while trying to balance every aspect of their kingdom. The new biome also stretches the game’s visual language, so I’m excited to see what new frosty screenshots folks will share.”
The Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra update is available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, and coming this fall to PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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