‘Achroma: The Fall of Flutterby’ gets 61 brand new cards to the game

'Achroma The Fall of Flutterby' gets 61 brand new cards to the game
'Achroma The Fall of Flutterby' gets 61 brand new cards to the game

Dorset based business Realm Runner Studios has introduced an exciting new card release for their popular evolving card game Achroma, a beautifully illustrated fantasy card game for two or more players.

During games of Achroma, you spend shards from your bank to deploy and attack with heroic Characters, equip them with Objects of Power, harness Locations and unleash cunning Actions.

‘Achroma: The Fall of Flutterby’ adds 61 brand new cards to the game, where players will be whisked away to Spirata Planum, home of Fairies and Pixies.

“The Fairies and Pixies of Flutterby are stunningly rendered and bring exciting new abilities and playstyles to Achroma. This release adds even more choice and diversity for fans, players and collectors.” – Jack Constantine, Realm Runner Studios co-founder

The Fall of Flutterby can be played as a standalone game straight out of the box, and is also 100% compatible with existing releases Achroma: The Curse of Curdle Hill and Achroma: The Siege of Draco Temple, making it ideal for players new to the game as well as long-term fans.

This physical card game is accompanied by a free digital app to aid players at the gaming table, allowing them to add Achroma cards to their account, unlock rewards, and influence the future of the Achroma universe.

Realm Runner Studios, an independent, self-funded studio in Poole, Dorset, was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who wanted to bring something fresh and progressive to collectable card games. Their first product, Achroma: The Curse of Curdle Hill, was released in late 2021. Sitting somewhere between Pokémon and Magic The Gathering, Achroma has attracted a truly diverse player base with tens of thousands of Achroma cards sold and almost a thousand registered app users.

Achroma can be purchased online https://www.achroma.cards/products.


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