Ace Pilot Europe Available October 24th 2022 on STEAM

Ace Pilot Europe
Ace Pilot Europe

Arcade style World War 2 aircraft game. Control multiple fighters in dogfights. Fly bombing run with B25 and B17. Hunt submarines with a B24. Drop paratroopers in a C47. Attack trains. 10 different missions over Europe. This is my second indie game and it’s a lot of fun.

Ace Pilot Europe

  • In this arcade style action game, you will dogfight with multiple airplanes from World War 2 against multiple enemies.
  • You will escort a B17 across the channel.
  • You will do night bombing runs.
  • You will fly a B17 and completely destroyed a German airport.
  • You will patrol the sea with a B24 and sink U-boats.
  • You will fly a diversity of aircrafts like Spitfire, P51 Mustang, P38 Lightning, P47 Thunderbolt and more.
  • You will strafe trains.
  • You will paradrop troops in a C47, the military version of the DC3.
  • And at the end you will attack a V2 factory and stop V1 and V2 launches.
  • You will also find an historical content and information about the planes in the game.
  • Easy to learn, but challenging.

Will you become an Ace?

Ace Pilot Europe on Steam


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