Survival Crafting Adventure ‘Abiotic Factor’ unveiled by Deep Field Games


Deep Field Games have unveiled Abiotic Factor, their upcoming retro-styled survival crafting adventure. As survivors of ‘a trans-dimensional experiment gone sideways’, the new open-world game drops players into the role of super-smart scientists in a doomed underground facility, forced to pit their ingenuity against an array of other-worldly entities to escape.

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Abiotic Factor is the second offering from the co-op-focused studio, which rose to indie fame via Unfortunate Spacemen, a groundbreaking mashup of FPS and social deception, helping inspire a new genre of games like Among Us. Their new title stays in the sci-fi zone, while shifting gears from asymmetric to co-op gameplay, and adding a dose of the paranormal.

Deep Field has designed Abiotic Factor to be heavily atmospheric, and ‘experienced through the eyes of a very different kind of hero; super smart not superhuman’, according to Design Director Geoff ‘Zag’ Keene. ‘We got excited by the idea of mad science, and just really leaned into it.’ The result is a survival-adventure inspired by Valve games, but promising a distinctive co-op experience all its own, where the characters must build ever-weirder gear and gadgets in order to reach the surface and escape from their chaotic ex-workplace.

Deep Field describes their new project – slated for release in 2023 – as an attempt to ‘bring something different to the table for survival games’. Evoking late 90’s / early 2000’s gaming, while re-imagining it for modern multiplayer, Abiotic Factor is ‘an attempt to meld the feel and fun of that vibe with cutting edge co-op gameplay.’

Keene notes that the team were confident from early development that they had a promising project on their hands. ‘We loved playing the earliest builds, then the pre-alpha testers got hooked, clicking with the atmosphere and mechanics right away. We’re really excited to see how the community responds to it when we get to our closed beta phase.’

Deep Field Games is an independent studio based in Dunedin, New Zealand, founded by veteran developers to deliver fresh, hyper-fun takes on the co-op genres – games with mood, atmosphere, and the kind of details that make players fall in love with worlds.


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