13DE MARZO and League Of Legends Announce Collaboration

13DE MARZO and League of Legends will be launching “Guardians of the Stars” a co-branded collection in September 2022, bringing a diversified energy to pop culture.

Since its inception, fashion brand 13 DE MARZO has explored different worlds through unique products and collaborations. This time, the brand joins forces with League of Legends to launch a co-branded collection inspired by the new “Guardians of the Stars”. A series of skins, which are popular among young gamers, will be presented to bring a more individual, yet diversified fashion experience to youth culture lovers by artfully blending fashion design and the elements of the game.

The exclusive 13DE MARZO bear, who loves to travel around, has made its latest stop in the charming world of Starkeeper, where it meets with the “Guardians of the Stars.” Their mission is to radiate peace and warmth, passing on the elements of love and embrace, foreseeing the call of starlight, and believing that everyone can find their own starlight. This is the first collaboration between 13DE MARZO and League of Legends. Through a bold and avant-garde creative partnership, both parties break the conventional molds of fashion and gaming; further broadening the imaginary boundary of the fashion world.

The 13DE MARZO x League of Legends “Guardians of the Stars” collection draws inspiration from the new images of the heroes; Beaver, Akali, Khalsa, Seraphine and Zoe. By using the heroes’ iconic elements, color schemes and logos they are blended with classic silhouettes. 13DE MARZO’s exclusive bear and rabbit dolls also adorn the collection with a new color scheme.

Stay tuned for the 13DE MARZO x League of Legends “Guardians of the Stars” physical collection, that will launch in early September!

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