NILE NFT Platform Unveiled by Wemade

Wemade, a pioneer in blockchain game development, today unveiled its on-chain DAO platform, NFT Is Life Evolution (NILE). The platform, which is integrated into Wemade’s WEMIX3.0 mainnet, will allow artists to promote and monetize their works through DAO projects, including participation as IP providers. DAO members can earn further rewards in the form of concerts, art exhibits, sporting events, investments, and more.

NILE’s first NFT collection – London Underground Station 264 Genesis – is a pixel art representation of each of London’s 264 underground train stations. The collection was developed by ‘PICDOT’, a design team consisting of pixel artists Zeeha and Locho.

“With our utility coin WEMIX, and WEMIX$, a 100% fully reserved stablecoin, we are launching our own mainnet, WEMIX3.0. The mainnet will provide a complete set of games, DAO-based NFT, and DeFi.” Said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “This platform-driven and service-oriented public blockchain will help build a better future for all of us.”

Neith protocol, which powers NILE, offers scalability, and interoperability between on-and off-chain activities through trusts. This protocol will allow large-scale projects to be organized and managed smoothly on the platform.

NILE launches in Q3 2022. For more information on NFT Is Life Evolution, please visit the official NILE website.

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