Deer Journey Out Now on Steam

Solo indie game developer, Pablo Picazo is releasing Deer Journey, a third person walking simulator is now available on Steam at a 10% special promo discount.

Deer Journey is centered on the life of a fawn that has been outcasted by the rest of the deers, after discovering the young fawn was born partially albino.

Through experiences and sharing the journey together, you will get to help and know the story of the helpless fawn. Find moments of similarity with life without dialogue or literal narration.

“I wrote the fawn adventure as a metaphor of the feeling of being outcast. Some friends compare this story to “The Ugly Duckling”, but here is the difference: the duck was “just” temporary different, he will grow into a beautiful animal; the fawn, however, is already as beautiful as he will be, but others just can’t see it.” – Pablo Picazo

Deer Journey Features

  • Get to know the story of the fawn through its experiences, without dialogue or literal narration.
  • Enjoy an immersive soundtrack while accompanying the fawn on his journey.
  • Short adventure (about 45 minutes) focused on scenery, music and the journey of the fawn.
  • If you liked Shelter and The First Tree, you have to try it!

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