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Plarium brings global football superstar Neymar Jr. to their hit game ‘Mech Arena’


Plarium Global Ltd, a global leader in developing F2P mobile and PC games with more than 435 million users worldwide, brings global football superstar Neymar Jr. to their hit game, Mech Arena in a partnership between Plarium and NR SportsSporting a custom-designed bomber jacket and wielding some game-changing skills, Neymar’s pilot arrives in the arena shooter today as a part of its latest update and joins the game’s expansive roster as its strongest pilot to date!

Widely regarded as one of the world’s best footballers, Neymar Jr. has scored over 450 goals for clubs and country and has become one of the most famous athletes on the planet with over 260M followers across social media. His mix of indelible style and swagger on the pitch were the inspirations behind the creation of his limited rarity Pilot character. All pilots in Mech Arena have distinct specialisations and perks that enhance the abilities of their Mech and Neymar Jr’s pilot is no different. With damage boosting and speed-enhancing abilities, Neymar’s pilot matches the Brazilian star’s powerful presence on the football pitch. As skilful in the arena as he is on the pitch, Neymar’s pilot wields the maximum number of implant slots available and swaps stepovers and rainbow flicks for “implant skills” that have a range of game-altering abilities.

We are honoured and excited to have such an amazing talent joining as a pilot in Mech Arena,” said Ronen Gross, VP of Business Development at Plarium. “Neymar Jr. is one of the best athletes in the world. His professionalism and desire to win are what made us choose him as it is aligned with the game’s spirit. Working with him was a true pleasure and we can’t wait to see our players enjoy Neymar Jr’s pilot” 

“I love gaming just as much as I love football, so combining the two to make a character with my skills and style in Mech Arena was an amazing experience,” said Neymar Jr.  “I can’t wait to join my fans and help take their game to the next level. I’ll see you in the Arena!”

Neymar’s pilot will lead the pack amongst a roster of enigmatic characters, including Nova, G-Lock, Yeti, and Major amongst others, and will be available free to all players for a limited time via a 7-day Pilot Chase loyalty program. In addition to unlocking their free Limited Neymar Jr. Pilot after 7 days of logging in, players will also be rewarded with up to six custom Neymar-themed Mech skins for logging in daily during the program. 

Mech Arena is available for users around the world in English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. The game is available to download and play for free on AndroidiOS and now also on Plarium’s PC Platform – Plarium Play, available at Plarium.com. For more details about the Neymar features and promotions, go to: www.mecharena.gg .

‘Terror of Hemasaurus’ is coming soon to PC and consoles

Get ready to rampage with monster-sized arcade action –  Terror of Hemasaurus is coming soon to PC and consoles, publisher Digerati is thrilled to announce. The city smashing, human squishing, apocalyptic fun kicks off 17th October on PC (Steam, Epic, GOG, and other storefronts), priced $12.99 and with a 20% discount for a limited time. Console versions will follow in December, arriving 5th Dec for PlayStation, 6th Dec for Nintendo Switch, and 7th Dec for Xbox.

Press, streamers, content creators: interested in Terror of Hemasaurus? Request a review code here: https://bit.ly/ToHReviewCode Combining awesome pixel devastation and stupidly big explosions, Terror of Hemasaurus is the next game from Super Blood Hockey developer, Loren Lemcke.  Players take the role of one of four carnage-causing kaiju as they embark on a devastating, and darkly funny, trail of destruction that takes them across the USA as part of a dubious last ditch plan by The Church of the Holy Lizard to save humanity from its own reckless disregard of the planet.

Your mission: destroy everything! Terror of Hemasaurus PC date reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mlcccM0Xds
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1016180/Terror_of_Hemasaurus/

WEBZEN revealed the website for upcoming game “Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG”.

WEBZEN (http://company.webzen.com), a global game developer and publisher, has opened a teaser website for its new mobile idle RPG “Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG” today.

Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG (a.k.a project F) is a new idle RPG that allows gamers to enjoy a variety of battle contents combined according to the characteristics of their hero collection and character development.

The game features over 50 powerful heroes to collect, intense PvP battles to wage, boundless worlds to explore, thrilling RPG adventure, and the strongest AFK squad in the land.

In addition to these features, a unique social system and a simulation play mode will offer strategy and tactics with PVE and PVP. For more information on the game, visit the Awaken Legends teaser website: https://al.webzen.com

The game will be localized and released across multiple regions including: the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and more.

With this new title, WEBZEN has added a new genre to its growing line-up of hardcore MMORPGs which includes the ‘MU’ and ‘R2’ series.

WEBZEN is currently drawing up specific plans for the global release in accordance with the game’s development progress. Further details about that plan will be announced later.

In the meantime, any hero collector or Idle RPG enthusiasts in those regions can make sure to follow the game’s official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AwakenLegendsOfficial) to get connected with members of the official community, and stay tuned for all the latest news, events, and exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming game features.

To learn more of Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG, stay tuned the teaser website at: https://al.webzen.com

Super Baseball League: A new game mode “Super Survival” is now open

Mobile game company, Haegin (CEO Young-il Lee), has announced that it will introduce a new game mode, “Super Survival” in the mobile casual sports showdown game “”Super Baseball League”.

“Super Survival” is a game mode where you maintain win streaks through 1vs1 matches during the competition period.

Players can climb up the rankings with longer win streaks for even more rewards and honor points, but their single defeat will end the survival mode.

In addition, along with the new “XP Charge” system, and two new All-star-Major-Minor grade characters each for a total of 6, the seventh class “Major 1” has opened.

In particular, “XP Charge” is a new system that allows you to convert unwanted player cards into experience points, allowing you another method to speed up the growth of main characters outside of normal matches.

The maximum number of confrontations has been increased to 6, and a bulletin has been added to increase accessibility for club members. Main UI and match balance has also been improved.

You can learn more about “Super Baseball League”, the real-time, 1-inning, showdown baseball battle, on the official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SuperBaseballLeague ). (End)

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Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. announces that it has increased its investment in Limbic Entertainment GmbH


Following its strategy to accelerate Western development capabilities, Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. today announces that it has increased its investment in Limbic Entertainment GmbH, acquiring a majority stake in the German developer. This deal continues Bandai Namco Europe’s content strategy aimed at creating a significant share of its business outside of Japan, while widening the portfolio of renowned publisher.

“This investment is much more than a strategic move for Bandai Namco. With Stephan, Alex and their teams, we share the same values and passion for games. For the past 3 years, we have worked together on the creation of new IPs,” commented Arnaud Muller, CEO of Bandai Namco Europe. “The first game Park Beyond will be released in 2023 but there is much more to come. This investment is just the continuity of our existing relationship, and we will help Limbic become the new reference in strategy and simulation games.”.

Founded in 2002 by Stephan Winter and Alexander Frey, Limbic Entertainment has developed over 20 titles with their latest game, Park Beyond, as the first game of the partnership with Bandai Namco Europe, releasing in 2023. Based in Langen, Germany, the studio, known for its expertise in strategy and simulation games, is made up by 90 talented and experienced developers, and has more than one unannounced title currently in development.

“With Bandai Namco we are very lucky to have a partner who shares our goals, values and commitment to develop amazing titles. Working together up to this point has already shown the trust and mutual respect that characterizes our relationship,” added Stephan Winter, Co-Founder and CEO of Limbic Entertainment. “Solidifying this bond gives us the opportunity to up our game – to plan even more ambitiously and bring Limbic Entertainment to the next level.”

This majority stake will enable the studio to take full advantage of all of Bandai Namco Europe’s back office, publishing and distribution expertise.

For more information regarding Bandai Namco Europe please visit: https://www.bandainamcoent.eu

Pets Hotel: Demo is now available to play on Steam

Steam Next Fest comes just three times a year – and now is the time. Games Incubator has prepared a special demo of Pets Hotel! Thanks to Steam Next Fest you can play now the Pets Hotel demo for free for 7 days! Do not miss the occasion and spend the most enjoyable time in Pets Hotel: Demo!

Pets Hotel is a place where you can start the business you always dreamed of! The game gives you a unique opportunity to build, design, and run a place where pets can feel at home. Many animals are waiting for you to take proper care of them!

Right now, you can try the Pets Hotel demo for free – it’s available in Steam Next Fest, which will run from 3rd to 10th of October. The festival is a multi-day celebration during which players can experience many demos, chat with game developers, watch live streams and learn about upcoming premiers on Steam. You won’t find a better time to test out Pets Hotel.

Download the demo version of the game now on Steam!

‘Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition’ launching the free demo on Nintendo Switch

Game Publisher CFK is proud to announce that today (Thursday, October 6th), they will be opening up pre-purchase for the side-scrolling action game Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition on the Nintendo eShops at the same time they launch the free demo on Nintendo Switch (Steam release to follow). 

Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition is a 2D side-scrolling action game, featuring our feline protagonist who fell into a strange world and must venture alone through a variety of stages with the help of a mysterious camera able to copy objects. Use your intuition to adapt to this new style of play and conquer this unique game, letting the drama of our kitty friend warm your heart as you do.

One autumn day, a cat stumbled upon its sad friend.
As it went over to try to comfort her…

A strong gust of wind swept away our cat and the friend’s camera with it.
Before the cat could catch its bearings, it was some place far, far away.

The cat fell into a place unknown.
However, our kitty protagonist was determined to bring a smile back to that girl’s face.
With the help of the camera, anything was possible.

In this game, players will take on the role of our feline camera-toting protagonist, ready to face all the obstacles and challenges this strange new world will throw their way in order to return to the world where their friend awaits. Using a mysterious camera with the ability to copy and paste objects around the world, the player will have to use their skills and intuition to cross a variety of stages however they wish, whether that means floating through the air or destroying each and every one of the obstacles in their path.

The mysterious camera’s abilities can be used in a variety of ways.

All the precious memories contained within the camera were damaged in the fall and the subsequent impact. Players should collect memories scattered throughout the world to restore these damaged memories, thus helping our kitty friend bring happiness, along with the lost camera, back to our friend.

Make your friend happy again by restoring her old pictures.

Depending on how the player works through the game, they will be met with different endings that may tug on their heartstrings or fill them with laughter.

Starting today (Thursday, October 6th), CFK will open pre-orders for Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition on the Nintendo eShops and release the free demo on Nintendo eShops / My Nintendo Store. In the free demo, you can play through the tutorial and the entire first chapter, and all saved data will be ported to the full game on purchase so that players can continue the story.

Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition, the story of a cat traversing a mysterious land with an equally mysterious camera, will be released globally on Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, October 20th, 2022. Pre-purchase is open today (Thursday, October 6th) on the Nintendo eShops. Don’t miss your chance to snag 10% off during the presale period!

● Download the 『Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition』 Demo (Nintendo eShops / My Nintendo Store)

● Nintendo Switch / Steam 「Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition」 Official Launch Trailer

Eye-catching puzzle game ‘Reky’ is coming to consoles


Feast your eyes on crystal clear visuals of reky. Interact with your environment and find a way to reach the finishing… square. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, thanks to RedDeer.Games.


This puzzle game is an eye-catching combination of minimalism and elegant design. The controls may seem simple to understand, but reaching the final floor will not be an easy task.

Although the rules may be easy to understand, most challenges are anything but simple. Remember the rules of this world, and you should have no problem with coming out on top.

The gameplay of reky is further elevated by the calming ambient soundtrack. Let it help you sink into this unique aesthetic experience.

– 96 levels challenging levels
– Aesthetics inspired by architectural minimalism
– Elegant design
– Beautiful soundtrack
– Customizing the map’s color

Starbreeze will publish the upcoming game ‘The Tribe Must Survive’

 Starbreeze has signed an agreement with development studio Walking Tree Games to publish their upcoming game THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE, marking a return to the world of third-party publishing by Starbreeze, the team behind the commercial hit PAYDAY series. Today’s announcement also includes a newly dedicated publishing arm of Starbreeze, who will apply their deep expertise in marketing, community management, and development to bring 3rd party games to the world at large.

THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE is a strategy tribe-builder game with survival and roguelike features. Set in an unforgiving Lovecraftian stone age, players must find ways to grow and protect the tribe from what lurks in the surrounding shadows. All the tribe members have their own personality and an AI-driven will-of-their- own that will govern decision making. Fortunately you can influence them with rituals, buildings, upgrades and other difficult decisions to get things done!

THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE is a game that immediately gets you hooked and allows for a lot of innovative additions over its lifetime,” said Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Starbreeze. “We are certain that this game will be greatly appreciated, not only by our existing audience but also a whole new player base. Starbreeze’s growing publishing team can help with our known expertise in keeping players engaged over a long period of time.”

Walking Tree Games was founded in 2021 by two friends with a combined 23 years in the game development industry. They previously worked on titles such as Zombie Gunship on iOS. and Dawn of Steel. A brief demo for THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE was released on Steam in February this year and was downloaded over 4.8 thousand times, with the full game being wish-listed by more than 6.7 thousand players.

Through their publishing efforts, Starbreeze will support marketing, community management and platform relations, while also providing funding for the game development. The publishing agreement with Starbreeze is pending that the developer gets funding from the German federal games industry-funding programme. The full game is scheduled for early access launch in 2023 and full launch in 2024.

“With THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE we want to offer something really fresh and unique,” said Simon Mittrücker at Walking Tree Games. “A big part of that is fostering a community that helps the game with feedback and ideas. Starbreeze has a great history of creating outstanding IP, building huge communities, and successfully running games-as-a-service, making them the ideal partner for THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE.”

“We are excited to embark on this journey together with Walking Tree Games to restart our third-party publishing,” said Staffan Nyström, VP Publishing at Starbreeze. “Our strategy is focused on publishing the right games for our community. By utilizing our expertise, leveraging our specific publishing skills, and broadening our games portfolio, we will be growing our community and strengthening Starbreeze’s future reach.”

For more information about Starbreeze, visit starbreeze.com. For more information on THE TRIBE MUST SURVIVE, visit the Steam Store Page.

‘Valkyrie Champions’ on STEAM includes single-player and 4-player Co-op online modes

Indie game developer and publisher Valorware is proud to announce October 12th as the worldwide release date of Valkyrie Champions, the studio’s upcoming mission-based Hero Shooter with an emphasis on upgrades and progression. Available exclusively on Early Access via STEAM™, Valkyrie Champions offers an explosive gameplay experience with stunning visuals, supporting single-player and 4-player Co-op online modes.

Gameplay Trailer:

Valkyrie Champions challenges you to choose your champion and battle against hordes of incoming enemies to ultimately save thy kingdom from the evil that lurks in the shadows. Your champions have unique weapons and spells, and you must learn to master each character to claim victory. Packed with exciting missions and varying difficulty modes, the game includes surprising monsters and epic bosses to defeat; develop your combat skills and unlock and upgrade your protagonist for the ultimate battle.


  • Single-Player & 4-Player online Co-op Modes
  • Huge Boss Battles
  • Skill-Tree To Upgrade Your Character
  • Unlockable Weapons And Equipment
  • Multiple Missions To Master
  • Localized Into More Than A Dozen Languages

Valkyrie Champions is available from here: